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Mindshatter : I just made a character called Mindshot. Nobody online in the guild though!
Zylopfa : We are on Judgement, due to not being able to play after work on Gehennas. I hope you will still come and play with us!
Mindshatter : So are you still on Gehennas as I can't find you there?
Mindshatter : Excellent! A couple of months and I'll be right with you.
Zylopfa : Classic is insane fun!
Zylopfa : Greetings friend, still on gehennas, not so bad queue now, His Highness is currently lvl 49 and slaying as he is leveling! You are welcome to come by and join!
Mindshatter : So how is the new server and classic?
Elementium : Character migration is now possible. What is the kings thoughts on that? I am never able to get into the server as it is now
Elementium : I've gotten in twice without a queue, but that was around 6-7 in the morning x)
Nayien : Have you been able to get in to Gehennas? I haven't been able to get in once. Queues are over 3 hours, makes it very hard considering there's work, wife and kids around this time, haha.
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Try here Nessesaria
User: zylopfa
Date: 4/28/2015 3:31 pm
Views: 4831
Rating: 0
Re: Try here Nessesaria
User: Neisseria
Date: 4/28/2015 3:38 pm
Views: 2
Rating: 0

There isnt any ss with my priest from timeless.

Re: Try here Nessesaria
User: zylopfa
Date: 4/28/2015 4:15 pm
Views: 278
Rating: 0


That looks pretty badass!
Have you made it yourself, or who is the talented

Best Regards
King Zylopfa The Omnipresent

Re: Try here Nessesaria
User: Neisseria
Date: 5/28/2015 4:07 am
Views: 1779
Rating: 0

What about this?