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Zylopfa : Greetings Lord Warzoid, I will most definately play classic. And I'd be happy to have you in Zylos Hand classic
Warzoid : Hail! Reading here it sounds like you'll play classic when it's out! I can't wait personally and I'd love to join you as a undead warlock if possible cheers! Not seen you around in ages, but current WoW is horrible :(
Zylopfa : I play on defias brotherhood atm but you can contact me at
Dagoroth : Zylo how do I get in contact with you my king?
Dagoroth : It's good to hear from you Zylo, after all these years. I will be slaying alliance rats once again in your glory ! So are you reforming the guild on Classic Server when Blizzard launches it?
Zylopfa : Dagoroth, i rember you fine cowdad! I play on playing vanilla for sure and have announced it on Battleground forum (former Battleground & World PvP). Hail And K!LL Good Lord!!
Dagoroth : Hey Zylopfa, I am Dagoroth the tauren shaman remember me? we used to slay alliance rats back in Wotlk. BLIZZARD JUST ANNOUNCED CLASSIC WOW SERVERS. ZYLOS HAND MUST BE REUNITED !!!
Yoyo : Filthy horde scum, i bet you quit the game after i chainrekt you on elemental plateu in TBC you probably quit after that, ill be happy to slay you endless times and make you quit again. FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!
Zylopfa : Greetings Lord Unfatala ofcourse I remember you, and its called Zylos Hand not Tyrs!! I am currently slaying on the realm of Defias Brotherhood. Hope to see you there!!!
Unfatala, UD : Hey Zylo! I was in your guild on Frostwhisper back in the day. Not sure if you remember me or not, but we were pretty active together in Tyr's Hand. Had an amazing time. Are you still playing and if so, on what server? Hail and K!LL
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Zylos Hand in Classic

Greetings and salutations!

Just a quick update regarding Zylos Hand, in the new upcomming classic wow this august 2019.

His Highness will re-create Zylos Hand on a suitable realm for once again bathing in blood and gory bits of the alliance rats when we once again take up arms and revel in the ancient art of ratslaying.

Stay tuned here for more information once the realms are setup and more is known. Remember to reserve your character names a few weeks before launch, blizzard will inform about this later.

Your King will once again call upon slayers of old aswell as new meatweavelings to slay the alliance rats where ever they might be found!

Hail And K!LL
King Zylopfa The Omnipresent

Slayer WPvP Chart (click to hide/show)

This chart show the number of world pvp kills earned for the current month. The top 10 Ratslayers for the month is shown. Click on a slice to see how many kills. Click here for the full list!

Idanti of Zylos Hand , 100k Kills Video!

Watch this video of legendary Ratslayer Idanti, as he obtain his 100k honorable kill!!.

Zylos Hand Recruitment Video - Guinnéss

Zylos Hand is proud to present Warrior Guinnéss video, displaying some of the things Zylos Hand engage in. World PvP, City Defending, City Assaults, Rated BGs and much more.

Don't cheat yourself for a glimpse into the world of Zylos Hand

Zylvíth's 100000th kill! (click to hide/show)

Zylvíth, Reichsmarscall and Ratslayer of Zylos Hand, has just reached new heights in his career as an exterminator of the alliance vermin. He has reached 100.000 honorable kills! Salute from the Zylophians for a job well done, click the link below to see the movie depicting this magnificent deed.

Zylvíth's 1000000th kill

Revollaer Solo WPvP Adventures (click to hide/show)

Thats right lads and ladies, world pvp can be done solo and often this is the case when the alliance rats has been beaten back to their settlements, and few dare venturing into Zylophian / Horde controlled territory. CLick below to watch Revollaers next installment of WPvP mayhem!

Revollaer Solo World PvP

Revollaer of Zylos Hand WPvP video (click to hide/show)

Take time to watch Revollaers movie about world pvp in Zylos Hand. Click here to watch.

Shizzledizel "Zylos Hand WPvP and Fun" Video (click to hide/show)

Click here to watch Shizzledizel of Zylos Hands world pvp videa about the recent Zylophian attack upon the stormwind gates.

Insequor Mount The Mount Video (click to hide/show)

Sir Insequor of Zylos Hand has achieved the unachieveable! Yes its true words! He has finaly gotten his hands on the flying mount! Watch this epic spectacle of real live, as it happend footage, directly from the site where it all happend. Grats a lot Inse!

Click here to watch video on youtube

Welcome To Zylos Hand

Welcome To Zylos Hand

Zylos Hand Guild, is dedicated to bringing World PvP to the realm of Outland and disposing of the ratty alliance, where ever they might be found, and at what ever level they might be at.

Kill the alliance rats where ever you might find them, even if it means dismounting first
- King Zylo The Omnipotent

Is Zylos Hand for you?

If you have the patience and commitment it takes to seek out and destroy the alliance rats and you don't hesitate to help a fellow hordeling in distress Zylos Hand might be a guild for you.

If you however seek a guild to conquer PvE instances and grind in battlegrounds Zylos Hand might not be for you. We hardly ever do instances and BG's (which hardly qualify as PvP), but instead we focus on removing the alliance threat from the face of Azeroth and Outland.

We do this by the following means:

  • Camping meeting stones, to prevent the alliance from gaining weapons and equipment. Destroying the supply lines is of highest priority in war.
  • Assisting our  allies,  the Demons , against our common foe, The Alliance Rats.  Mainly by helping  out at  Ogrila, Kazzak and various other places with significant demon presence.
  • Defending The Zylophian plateau in  Nagrand, preventing the alliance to  obtain motes of air/water/earth and fire.
  • Patrolling our settlements and liberated cities such as:
    Telaar, Doomshire (formerly known as darkshire).

Guild Hymn Contest

The Guild Hymn Song Contest (GHSC) is now closed for further contributions, now the votes shall be cast! To vote on your favorite, login to the site and vote from the votebox below.

You must be logged in to vote, and only 1 vote pr. person.

The winner of GHSC will receive a 2 month game card key as a small token of apreciation.


How To Join!

Recruitment at Zylos Hand is currently OPEN!

Are you a ratslayer and do you have the commitment it takes to be a member of Zylos Hand?

To join Zylos Hand you have to follow the instructions laid out at the "Recruitment Forum". Read the First Post in the recruitment forum for instructions!