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Firelands WPVP Tips

Firelands Patch Hotspots

In the latest patch in WoW, Firelands. There are several hotspots for world pvp, which I will present in the following pages.

First of all, get the quest to firelands from the command board at Orgrimar. Use the portals in orgrimar to get to Mt Zylos (formerly Mt. Hyjal). You will get an additional quest at the portal area.

Spot 1 - World Tree Mt. Zylos

When you have taken the portal to Mt. Zylos, you will be near a questgiver, take the quest and go to Thrall at the lakeshore.

This spot is SPOT 1, all the alliance rats will go here to collect the first part of the questline. Many here! So prepare.

Spot 2. South Uldum


This second spot is Southern Uldum, Bluff of the South Wind. The is where you are taken once you complete Thralls Quest and watch the clip of events.

This place will crawl with rats, they pour in litterally and they hardly have a clue that ratslayers and other WPvP afficionados are waiting for them.

This is where you want to be for multiple kills.

Don't let them get to close to the "Cyclone" they will be able to instant travel to the next quest point. They can even talk to the Cyclone when stunned so beware! ( Usual Blizzard carebear tactics)

Eventhough i'd like to stay here indefenately we move on to area 3.

We then talk to Cyclonas.

Spot 3 - Throne of the four winds Uldum


This place is in the top of a tower in the floating cloud city. A fantastic assembly of alliance rats, I didnt yet know what this quest was about cause of the sheer numbers of rats to slay.

This ia definately a good hotspot, most of the people there do not know what to do and are easy targets for annihilation.

Just beware of shamans and other "throwback" classes, you can actually fall off the platform pretty easy.

Shadowstep Rogues keep it handy so you can re-enter.

I have yet to figure out what the objective of this quest is, there is a bar of sorts that has to be filled (i guess), and slaying the alliance rats didnt seem to be the trigger :/.

Well I gotta figure it out before we move on.

This place is a real crowd and you will have the chance to take out several rats pr. session.

The goal of this if you wish to go to next step of the chain is to kill as many elementals as you need to fill the bar. When the rats die the bar resets, so keep em down its realy annoying to die here!

Spot 4- Abyssal Breach, Vashj'ir


This ganking spot is located under water as its in Vashj'ir.

This is perfect place for fast slaying as your crit chance is increased by 50%, so go get those high crits out on the alliance rats, and FAST!. They dont seem to know what to do here other than trying to get away, so its easy kills.

After some initial slaying (many rats still here), I decide to talk to the big elemental to see what this is all about.

This has the same mechanics as spot 3, you have to slay mobs untill the bar is full. I reccommend slaying atleast 5 times that amount of alliance rats!

Spot 5- Deepholm Therazane


Talk to the fat lady. But first make sure to clear the immediate area of the alliance rats. Many nearby most times. But remember to solve these wpvp objectives before everyone has done the quest chain, its NOT REPEATABLE!

The place you get taken to after talking to Therazane and the Orcmum, is crawling with alliance rats. The objectives here are the same, kill mobs untill the bar fills. Here you have 50% less damage taken, so beware it will be long fights with the alliance rats!

Also remember if you LEAVE the area with the bar on your ui, you loose the objective.

Spot 6- Flamelands


This place has the same mechanics as the others if you are keen on finishing the quest. BUT there is another awesome twist to this, the buff in this place is 50% more damage done! YES you can anihilate the alliance rats fairly quickly.

As the other place, this is quite crowded. Make sure to kill the alliance rats who has been there for long, chance is you ruin their quest progress!