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Zylos Hand History

King Zylopfa

King Zylopfa, or King Zylo, as he is often called by his minions resides in the universe of "World Of Warcraft". On the mysterious realm of Ravenholdt, he has claimed great tracks of land for himself and his fellow Hordelings. The main capital of King Zylopfa and his followers, is the mysterious place wrongfully named Tyrs Hand, by the creators of the realm. Upon conquest of this beautifull track of land, King Zylopfa saw that a change of name was in order, and what more fitting name than Zylos Hand! Soon after claiming Zylos Hand, King Zylopfa began to rid the land of the ever grinding Alliance Rats, these creatures where the natural enemies of the Horde which King Zylopfa himself was a part of. They where always seen there farming for gold and other riches, eventhough the land rightfully belonged and still belongs to King Zylopfa.

Zylos Hand Guild

In the beginning King Zylopfa alone, took on the responsibility of cleansing Zylos Hand (or The Hand for short), of the invading rats, and thereby protecting his kinsmen from harm caused by these rodents. Soon other Horde saw that this cause was a just one, and offered to join that which was henceforth to be known as the brotherhood of "Zylos Hand". Not all Hordes was of the right mind and heart to join "Zylos Hand" as members was required to follow certain strict guidelines set forth by their King. No mercy was to be show the alliance rats, where ever they might be encountered, not just in Zylos Hand but on the entire realm of Frostwhisper. A famous quote by King Zylopfa to illustrate the dedication expected by members of the brotherhood, goes like this:
Kill the alliance rats where ever you might find them, even if it means dismounting first.
Needless to say The Brotherhood Of Zylos Hand grew in numbers, as more and more Horde opened their eyes to the great injustice, practiced by their natural foe, the alliance rats. As of this writing the vast armies of Zylos Hand counted no less than 173 able bodied and battle hardened Hordelings. The army could no longer be contained in the small area of Zylos Hand so King Zylopfa saw that an expansion was the only viable solution to continued prosperity. In a matter of months the entire lands of Eastern Plaguelands had been liberated from the alliance infestation, the only alliance still roaming the lands was the ones that King Zylopfa had hand picked to satisfy his lust for game hunting. The empire of King Zylopfa grew stronger each passing day, but the rats still held significant patches of land. As of this writing, this land is still untouched by "Zylos Hand".