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WoW World PvP Missions

Zylos Hand WPvP Missions

To advance in Zylos Hand guild, you need to be active in world pvp and show your enthusiasm to the Viceroys and King Zylopfa himself.

Other than doing wpvp, you have the option of doing one of several world pvp missions in order to give you more ratslayer tokens, which in time will gain you higher ranking among your fellow ratslayers.

You can choose from the missions to the left.


Many of these missions originated at the 6th of november 2006, where King Zylopfa created them in order to further the world pvp on the Frostwhisper Realm.

From one of the missions you can clearly see that it was ment for level 60.

WPvP Missions How It Works!

Make sure you have an account at the site and then choose a mission to the left, and have your screenshots ready.

The screenshots needs to confirm that you have successfully completed the mission, if more than 1 screenshot is needed please post additional.

Once you have posted your screenshot(s), perhaps with comments, the Zylopfian Warmongers will look through the evidence and from that they will reward you with Ratslayer Tokens, with these you can rank up in the guild.