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usynligemand : Are You Prepared? if going for BC, what server would tht be on?
usynligemand :
usynligemand : @mindshatter we found that the classic guild on ZT is a copycat, he streams also, if you check this video u see his charnames: etc. Zyplofo lol
usynligemand : slaying has been very good lately on Defias :D more slayers come join
Mindshatter : Are you guys on Zandalar Tribe now? I saw the guild on that server.
Mindshatter : I just made a character called Mindshot. Nobody online in the guild though!
Zylopfa : We are on Judgement, due to not being able to play after work on Gehennas. I hope you will still come and play with us!
Mindshatter : So are you still on Gehennas as I can't find you there?
Mindshatter : Excellent! A couple of months and I'll be right with you.
Zylopfa : Classic is insane fun!
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Zylophian Blogs

Here you can find blogs created by fellow members of Zylos Hand. Zylophians as they are called collectively. (ordered alfabetically)

Our friend and fellow ratslayer Zylvith has a fine blog
"Inside a Ratslayer's Mind", it has very good insights into the dealings of Zylos Hand, whats new in wpvp and other goodies.
You should check it out immediately:

Click here to visit Zylviths blog


A mighty undead rogue of Zylos Hand, he is new to Zylos Hand but has already picked up the ways of the Ratslayers. He is hosting a blog all about WPvP and how he transformed from Rat to Ratslayer!

Click here to read Cevitus' blog


This new Blood Elf Rogue is as of this writing, new to Zylos Hand, but she has managed to pick up the ways of the Zylophians, with admirable dedication! Read her blog, which is all about WoW, ganking and whining alliance rats.

Click here to read Ðarlings blog