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Zylopfa : Greetings Lord Warzoid, I will most definately play classic. And I'd be happy to have you in Zylos Hand classic
Warzoid : Hail! Reading here it sounds like you'll play classic when it's out! I can't wait personally and I'd love to join you as a undead warlock if possible cheers! Not seen you around in ages, but current WoW is horrible :(
Zylopfa : I play on defias brotherhood atm but you can contact me at
Dagoroth : Zylo how do I get in contact with you my king?
Dagoroth : It's good to hear from you Zylo, after all these years. I will be slaying alliance rats once again in your glory ! So are you reforming the guild on Classic Server when Blizzard launches it?
Zylopfa : Dagoroth, i rember you fine cowdad! I play on playing vanilla for sure and have announced it on Battleground forum (former Battleground & World PvP). Hail And K!LL Good Lord!!
Dagoroth : Hey Zylopfa, I am Dagoroth the tauren shaman remember me? we used to slay alliance rats back in Wotlk. BLIZZARD JUST ANNOUNCED CLASSIC WOW SERVERS. ZYLOS HAND MUST BE REUNITED !!!
Yoyo : Filthy horde scum, i bet you quit the game after i chainrekt you on elemental plateu in TBC you probably quit after that, ill be happy to slay you endless times and make you quit again. FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!
Zylopfa : Greetings Lord Unfatala ofcourse I remember you, and its called Zylos Hand not Tyrs!! I am currently slaying on the realm of Defias Brotherhood. Hope to see you there!!!
Unfatala, UD : Hey Zylo! I was in your guild on Frostwhisper back in the day. Not sure if you remember me or not, but we were pretty active together in Tyr's Hand. Had an amazing time. Are you still playing and if so, on what server? Hail and K!LL
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Ratslayer Statistics

Fiercest WPvPers in Zylos Hand

This is the list of the menbers in Zylos Hand listed by their World PvP kills, since it was counted at the beginning of Wrath Of The Lich King.

Data is taken from the wow armory each day.

Name World Honorable Kills Total Kills
^URLDecode(Mindshatter); ^URLDecode(38852); ^URLDecode(146997);
^URLDecode(Brotak); ^URLDecode(33438); ^URLDecode(64929);
^URLDecode(Kzin); ^URLDecode(32192); ^URLDecode(116936);
^URLDecode(Astartel); ^URLDecode(29377); ^URLDecode(81106);
^URLDecode(Celeglin); ^URLDecode(29173); ^URLDecode(63761);
^URLDecode(Freed%C3%B3m); ^URLDecode(29094); ^URLDecode(100162);
^URLDecode(Halert); ^URLDecode(26283); ^URLDecode(91442);
^URLDecode(Provoious); ^URLDecode(25618); ^URLDecode(54634);
^URLDecode(Ylo); ^URLDecode(24470); ^URLDecode(68270);
^URLDecode(Freedom); ^URLDecode(19989); ^URLDecode(57366);
^URLDecode(Kyalo); ^URLDecode(19399); ^URLDecode(34273);
^URLDecode(Zyredox); ^URLDecode(17924); ^URLDecode(71761);
^URLDecode(Tench%C3%83%C2%AD); ^URLDecode(16967); ^URLDecode(83966);
^URLDecode(Daughter); ^URLDecode(16929); ^URLDecode(40735);
^URLDecode(Lareno); ^URLDecode(16894); ^URLDecode(51300);
^URLDecode(Raizrd); ^URLDecode(16617); ^URLDecode(30857);
^URLDecode(Tirr); ^URLDecode(14917); ^URLDecode(67525);
^URLDecode(Sindris); ^URLDecode(14802); ^URLDecode(110352);
^URLDecode(Meranwe); ^URLDecode(14608); ^URLDecode(56544);
^URLDecode(Reav); ^URLDecode(14459); ^URLDecode(52794);
^URLDecode(Carame); ^URLDecode(14239); ^URLDecode(25790);
^URLDecode(Evighet); ^URLDecode(14208); ^URLDecode(60991);
^URLDecode(Margohita); ^URLDecode(13971); ^URLDecode(45311);
^URLDecode(Reavan); ^URLDecode(12382); ^URLDecode(49154);
^URLDecode(Pandeamon); ^URLDecode(12249); ^URLDecode(74179);
^URLDecode(Ziejin); ^URLDecode(11350); ^URLDecode(25106);
^URLDecode(Dagge); ^URLDecode(11307); ^URLDecode(41045);
^URLDecode(St%C3%A8ff); ^URLDecode(10802); ^URLDecode(21271);
^URLDecode(Hatelox); ^URLDecode(10777); ^URLDecode(24674);
^URLDecode(Penney); ^URLDecode(10574); ^URLDecode(56929);
^URLDecode(Idanti); ^URLDecode(10454); ^URLDecode(103278);
^URLDecode(Buffeln); ^URLDecode(10441); ^URLDecode(39580);
^URLDecode(Stunlol); ^URLDecode(10295); ^URLDecode(73748);
^URLDecode(Ezequiel); ^URLDecode(10263); ^URLDecode(57744);
^URLDecode(T%C3%83%C2%B3rnado); ^URLDecode(10003); ^URLDecode(32986);
^URLDecode(M%C3%A1ndy); ^URLDecode(9868); ^URLDecode(60856);
^URLDecode(Tramlajin); ^URLDecode(9727); ^URLDecode(38242);
^URLDecode(Gigledon); ^URLDecode(9475); ^URLDecode(44743);
^URLDecode(Sikha); ^URLDecode(9453); ^URLDecode(32637);
^URLDecode(Wy%C3%A8th); ^URLDecode(9261); ^URLDecode(109472);
^URLDecode(Pocketpope); ^URLDecode(9240); ^URLDecode(46516);
^URLDecode(Dethux); ^URLDecode(8979); ^URLDecode(55582);
^URLDecode(Manouk); ^URLDecode(8924); ^URLDecode(40517);
^URLDecode(Kertielazer); ^URLDecode(8887); ^URLDecode(23927);
^URLDecode(Lolgurl); ^URLDecode(8575); ^URLDecode(33758);
^URLDecode(J%C3%A9zus); ^URLDecode(8561); ^URLDecode(40152);
^URLDecode(Drazzel); ^URLDecode(8441); ^URLDecode(18612);
^URLDecode(B%C3%A9t%C3%A1); ^URLDecode(8409); ^URLDecode(22665);
^URLDecode(Silentsniper); ^URLDecode(8403); ^URLDecode(33542);
^URLDecode(Fanatix); ^URLDecode(8401); ^URLDecode(44116);