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usynligemand : Are You Prepared? if going for BC, what server would tht be on?
usynligemand :
usynligemand : @mindshatter we found that the classic guild on ZT is a copycat, he streams also, if you check this video u see his charnames: etc. Zyplofo lol
usynligemand : slaying has been very good lately on Defias :D more slayers come join
Mindshatter : Are you guys on Zandalar Tribe now? I saw the guild on that server.
Mindshatter : I just made a character called Mindshot. Nobody online in the guild though!
Zylopfa : We are on Judgement, due to not being able to play after work on Gehennas. I hope you will still come and play with us!
Mindshatter : So are you still on Gehennas as I can't find you there?
Mindshatter : Excellent! A couple of months and I'll be right with you.
Zylopfa : Classic is insane fun!
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User: dagoroth
Date: 7/22/2010 4:31 am
Views: 2672
Rating: 0

Hail good ratkillers of Zylos Hand,

I would like to make a top list of the most wanted rats on our server atm.

And now the most wanted of all :

1. Tucklez (very good geared nelf rogue, approach with care)

2. Tornado (and his alts)

3. Gamash (extremely good geared gnome warlock - around 30k hp - from guild Saints)

4. Paladinkinng (very good geared human ret paladin )

5. Robtheone (very good geared human ret paladin)

the last 2 paladins just piss me off because of their childish names :P

User: Beneath
Date: 8/10/2010 8:10 am
Views: 63
Rating: 0

I would also like to add

6. Spacemarine (xskullcandy that just transferred from our guild to rats)