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usynligemand : Are You Prepared? if going for BC, what server would tht be on?
usynligemand :
usynligemand : @mindshatter we found that the classic guild on ZT is a copycat, he streams also, if you check this video u see his charnames: etc. Zyplofo lol
usynligemand : slaying has been very good lately on Defias :D more slayers come join
Mindshatter : Are you guys on Zandalar Tribe now? I saw the guild on that server.
Mindshatter : I just made a character called Mindshot. Nobody online in the guild though!
Zylopfa : We are on Judgement, due to not being able to play after work on Gehennas. I hope you will still come and play with us!
Mindshatter : So are you still on Gehennas as I can't find you there?
Mindshatter : Excellent! A couple of months and I'll be right with you.
Zylopfa : Classic is insane fun!
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The Wedding Ceremony in Text.
User: Admin
Date: 3/30/2008 11:57 am
Views: 4009
Rating: 0
We are gathered here today on a joyous occation!

It is not everyday I King Zylopfa have the honor of
marrying two of my finest cows.

We are gathered here today to witness the union of
Queen Falkja and Thenra, and what better place to
perform this ceremony than at the birth place of the
Zylophian Empire.

I ask upon thee Queen Falkja, do you take Thenra Leafwhisper
to be your lawfull wedded cow, and do you swear to live with
her through agony, pain and ANGER as well as in love, harmony
and cowsy times.


Here next, I ask you Thenra, are you prepared to take
Falkja Grimtotem as before you stand, as your cowmerade through
darkness aswell as light. To love and hold, even when the
tides are high and the grass seems to have lost its green?

Bring the rings!

I hereby bless you and by the powers vested in me, I
pronounce you Cow and Cow.
May you live a prosperous life and raise many cows and train
them in the ancient art of ratslaying.

You may now kiss the cow and moo.

Long Live Thenra and Falkja Leafwhisper!
Re: The Wedding Ceremony in Text.
User: Sioux
Date: 9/8/2008 4:10 am
Views: 129
Rating: 0

Aaaw, why did I miss this?! A actual cow wedding?!

And with Falkja as well? Old belfie gets pain in her chest realizing that she missed out on this epic event!

I would even have traded my own wedding to be able to attend this one! :(


*Dodging raging attack from Zylopfa*